Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle

Tonight, I was walking down the hall at church with Carson when someone asked me "Are you Shanon Warburton?"  I said "I am!"  He then asked me if my husband was older than me.

Can I just interupt this little story to say that for the last 20 years people have been telling me that I still look like I am a teenager.  My husband has gray hair and wrinkles and is 10 years older than me.  He has not been told that he looks like a teenager for a long, long time!

Anyway....I got this serious look on my face and said "No...I am older!!"  Well, the look on this man's face was priceless and his mouth was gaping open.  Then I said "I'm kidding!!" and walked off to get something from another room.  I get a strange sense of satisfaction from messing with people's minds...I should probably repent. :)

When I came back out in the hallway, he was still there and he said "I just have to much older than you is he?!"  I told him 10 years.  He looked relieved as he said "oh....good for you!!"

I think it is finally time to come to terms with the fact that I don't look like a teenager but surely the fact that Gary is older than me (by 10 years!!!) is obvious.  Right? 

Please just say yes to make me feel better.

Thursday, March 21, 2013 waterwear!!

This morning when the alarm went off, I tried to ignore it.  Our alarm will not be ignored though, and just got louder and louder until I was forced to do something about it.  I said "OKAY....BINE!!!" (that's how Carson says "fine" and now all of us are saying it that way) and got out of my comfy bed, turned off the alarm and went to hunt for Carson.  Carson has a funny thing he does in the dark of the night...he plays musical beds so we aren't ever really sure where we will find him.  This morning I found him already dressed, sitting in a chair in the living room, fast asleep.

He looked so peaceful so I decided to fix his breakfast before I woke him up.  He has a routine that he follows in the morning that includes Carnation instant breakfast...chocolate being his flavor of choice because really, what other flavor is there?!  He also has an egg taco...NO CHEESE!!!...with  ketchup.

After he ate breakfast, I started to put on his shoes and socks but he said "NO MOMMY NO!  No waterwear!!"

I guess when he got dressed this morning, he didn't put on his underwear.  Well, alrighty then!!  How silly of me not to know that!!  I guess we should get some underwear on you!!  So...then he led me right to the underwear of choice for the day.

When his tighty whities were on, he quit giving me the stink eye and let me put his shoes on.  He was pretty happy until the bus showed up.  The bus got here before his dad got back from taking the big kids to church.  That messed up his whole routine and he couldn't possibly get on the bus if his dad wasn't there to say goodbye!!  So, he hunkered down and refused to get on.  Turns out when your child refuses to get on the bus and you aren't strong enough to force them to get on the bus, the bus just leaves without your child and all you can do is turn around and go back inside to wait for daddy to get home.

Carson was pretty excited that Daddy got to take him to school.  I'm not sure we will ever get him on the bus again!!  Gary wasn't as excited to add that to our already busy schedule but how can you get mad when you have this boy that adores you and just wanted to kiss you goodbye?!!

My words of wisdom for all you mom's out there...never forget to put a boy's waterwear on and all you dad's out there...come home on time and also be grateful for those little ones that adore you.

Also, if you are ever told that you are going to have a baby with Down Syndrome?  Fall to your knees and thank your Heavenly Father for being one of the luckiest families on this planet and then just sit back and enjoy the ride!!   It's the best thing you will ever do and the greatest love you will ever receive!!