Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And the Mom of the Year Award Goes To...

Yesterday, Emily and Carson both woke up feeling too sick to go to school.  I just thought they were suffering from vacation-itis (an illness caused by having too much fun on vacation..symptoms include a general lack of any desire to get back into a normal routine). 

I made Emily go to school because it's harder to make up school work then to just go to class.  I was suffering from vacation-itis too and didn't have the energy to fight Carson so he got to stay home.  I accused him of being instantly "cured" as soon as he heard the bus wasn't coming for him.

Carson and I had a lazy day of folding a million loads of laundry (did I mention that we had WAY too much fun during Thanksgiving break?) and watching large amounts of the cheesiest of cheesy Lifetime Christmas shows.  It was soooo fun!!  I love those badly acted shows!!

Anyway...it came time to pick up Emily and Jared from school so we braved the cold weather to go get them.  As soon as I saw Emily, I just knew deep down in my racing heart that she was way sicker than I had thought.  She got into the car and as soon as I asked "Are you still feeling sick?" she burst into tears and told me that she had a horrible headache, had been really dizzy all day, and was freezing (even though the car was toasty warm...Jared says that means "Oh my gosh, it is so HOT in here!!!").

We got her home, pumped her full of ibuprofen, covered her in a million blankets, got her some food and drinks, propped her feet up and turned on the cheesy Christmas movies again (those are really the best medicine).  After a few hours her fever went down just as Carson's fever spiked.

As soon as Carson heard he had a fever, he started acting the part of a sick kid (he had been pretty happy all day).  He laid on the couch moaning and groaning (he was being a tad bit over-dramatic because every time he moaned, someone would say "It's okay Carson...can we get you anything?" and he was really enjoying the extra attention from his family).  So, we pumped him full of decongestants and ibuprofen and he perked up just about the time that our home teacher got here to give him a blessing (although every once in a while he would remember that he was supposed to be moaning so he would make up for his perkiness really fast).  Our wonderful home teacher probably wondered why in the world we interrupted his family time to come over and give a blessing to two of the perkiest children on the planet.  By-the-way, if you don't know what blessings are you can read about them here.

Turns out that I was the only one suffering from vacation-itis.  Emily and Carson were really sick.  So, I am making up for my bad mothering by enjoying an extra day off with my two sickies.  There will probably be more pampering and cheesy Christmas movies on the agenda today.

So...just in case anyone was feeling like they were in the running for the bad mom of the year award...I think I just won. {hanging my head in shame}