Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween, Kids!!

We carved a pumpkin.

Those under the age of 18 dressed up.

Emily made her own costume this year but she didn't go trick or treating.  She was invited to a couple of parties and so she hung out with friends, watched scary movies, and ate yummy food.  She had a fun night.

Carson wanted to be a red Power Ranger but we couldn't find a costume his size so he decided to go as TMNT Leonardo.  I made him a mask to wear but when I put it on him, he screamed "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!" so we ditched the mask.

Those over the age of 18....holy cow...we look like we dressed up as old people but really....we're just looking old.

Carson doesn't like trick or treating.  I think the possibility of running into a furry critter that barks or moves or even sits still and looks at him is just too frightening for him.  Then you add in the ghost, spooky sounds and all the other things that you could run into at night?!  Forget it!!

He chose to sit out on the porch and hand out candy.  He was in charge of the bowl.  We were NOT ALLOWED TO HELP!!  He loved it....except there were some people who would walk right by our house and not stop...that was really discouraging to him.  He wanted EVERYONE to come get his candy.  Every time he handed out a piece of candy he would say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN KIDS!!"  It was as cute as it sounds (okay...maybe it doesn't sound cute, but believe me, it was!)

Gary brought out some pizza for us so we could keep up our strength.  So there we were, sitting out on our porch by our glowing pumpkins, handing out candy to all of the cute trick or treaters, and eating pizza.  Happy as clams.  Then guess what happened.

Did you guess that a cat came wandering over and had the nerve to step one little paw on our stairs?  Well...that's exactly what happened.  Carson's eyes got really big and he started freaking out a bit so we shooed the cat from the stairs.  Then it tried to hop up on the porch but Gary blocked his hop with his foot (that sounds mean but it wasn't...the cat was not harmed in any way).  The cat was determined though.  He walked over a bit and successfully hopped up on our porch.

Well....that was the end for Carson.  He grabbed his plate of pizza and left us to hand out candy while he went back in the house.  He only came out again because he needed to grab his cup of cherry flavored Sprite.  We all came in after that because it was no fun without Carson. 

After that, every time the doorbell rang, he would run up and hand out the candy but there was no more sitting on the porch for him!! 

There you go...another successful Halloween.  Different from any other.  I miss my little trick or treaters that are now big and off in Utah, Washington, and England but it was still a fun night.